Amanda Brighton

Amanda Brighton in LingerieHey guys! My name is Amanda Brighton and I am a sophomore at UCF studying Pre-Law. I eventually hope to get into International Business and Law.

I was born in Columbus, OH and moved to Orlando, FL when I was 8. I eventually strayed from Orlando and moved with my family to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for 2 years! Traveling is my favorite thing to do, the adventure of never knowing what a certain culture will bring you is always exciting.

My roommate and I go somewhere at least once a month.  Lately, it’s been New York for some amazing shopping!!

Currently, I am a bartender in one of Orlando’s famous party bars and I love every minute of the high-energy job. On the side I have done different types of modeling like promotional, swimsuit, body paint and lingerie.

Working with Strobe was amazing they made sure that every aspect was perfect to a detail. Modeling has become a passion for me because you never know whom you are going to end up working with and it gives you a chance to play a part.

Modeling has opened up new opportunities for me and I feel very blessed and hopeful to see where it will take me☺

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